The restaurant

Recipes based on fish and typical local products

We are always looking for the best ingredients, from extra virgin olive oil to "yellow" tomatoes from Cilento, from fresh fish to excellent quality meats, to always offer the best to our guests.

Our first courses

Homemade bronze-drawn pasta and seafood flavours

Spaghetti with clams and chilli pepper as tradition dictates, but also risotto alla pescatora, goodies with swordfish and many other good Italian cuisine recipes. There are so many options on our menu but, if you want, let yourself be surprised by Chef Luciano's imagination! An example? Pacchero with fresh anchovies, capers, olives and yellow tomatoes from Cilento... truly extraordinary!

Our second courses

Excellent quality meat and fish

Frying, sout├Ę, fish soup, catch of the day, roast fish and meat. Each dish will leave you speechless... and let us recommend a good wine, the Chef knows what he knows! You can choose from over one hundred labels from our cellar!